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We are a company that has 35 years of experience in toy industry. With our creative, open minded, stuff which has big dreams and produces with innovative thinking. It is our indispensable criterion that the toys we produce have passed EN71 tests, which are the European Union norms, and have proven their safety in terms of quality. The toys we produce have managed to take their place on the toy stores shelves in both domestic and international markets as deserved.


Most important things that parents can give to their children is love, a good education, ensuring that they grow up in a healthy and peaceful environment, as well as supporting heir development. In line with this idea, we set out to produce toys that will develop children's creativity and imagination, and enable them to learn by playing.


Children develop their imagination and skills by playing games. In this direction, we produce  STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)  systematic toys which helps children to play games, have fun, and learn real-life scientific problems with practice. In this direction, we believe that it is our mission to produce toys to develop children's skills and imagination.

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